Guess the winner of the Super Bowl and WIN A FREE MATTRESS! *Bonus: Puppy Bowl Round!*

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Even though our team isn't in the running (Go Atlanta Falcons!), we want to get in on a little bit of the Super Bowl fun and get you in on it too! 

This year's NFL battle comes down to Seattle SeaHawks and the Denver Broncos.  Who are you pulling for? Guess the winning team and the winning score and we'll give you a new mattress from our showroom! Make your guess on the Facebook post below:  

Contest ends when the game starts. Should more than one person make the winning guess, each participant will be entered in a random drawing on Feb. 3rd.  The winner will be announced here and on Facebook on February 3rd! 


 You know Bruno wasn't going to let us leave the pups out of the fun! Correctly guess the MVP of the Puppy Bowl and win a mattress accessory kit complete with choice of sheets and mattress pad!  To enter, Tweet @GetYourRestOn your Puppy Bowl MVP using #GetYourPuppyBowlOn before the end of Puppy Bowl 2014.  For a complete line-up of Puppy Bowl contenders, check out the Official Lineup.  We'll announce the winner on February 3rd as well! 

You may only enter each contest once, but feel free to enter them both! Prove your psychic powers and win them BOTH! Happy guessing!