Winter Blues keeping you down?

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

While the rest of Georgia digs out from Snowpocalypse '14, we're thankful these weather 'events' are a rarity in Savannah.  Even so, with the short days, chilly temperatures and melting ice and snow, it's easy to find yourself fighting a case of the winter blues.  


If the cold days are bringing you down, here are a few things you do to put a little more pep in your step: 


1. Get some sun. It may be cold, but enjoy the pretty days!  Open the curtains and let the sun shine in!  Or better yet, bundle up and get out into the sunshine! The sooner you can get out into the sun each day, and spend as much time in the sun as you can, the better!


2. Get moving! According to wikihow, one hour of aerobic exercise has the same therapeutic effects of 2.5 of indoor light therapy.  Exercise increases serotonin levels and makes you feel better overall.  Plus, what better way to prepare for summer?


3. Take your Multivitamin.  Your body needs sun to create Vitamin D.  In the winter months, when time in the sun can be scare it's a good idea to increase your Vitamin D levels.  Here's more information on the sunshine vitamin from the Vitamin D council


4. Get Cozy! You gotta face it, you'll be spending more time inside than you'd like over the next few weeks. Take your favorite room from drab to fab -- rearrange furniture, clean out closets, paint your walls bright vibrant colors.  Top it off with a new mattress from The Rest Stop and create a cozy environment you'll never want to leave!