Spring Cleaning: No need to flip your mattress!

Posted on Mar 05, 2014

This weekend clocks spring forward marking the beginning of longer days and warmer weather. With spring only a few weeks away, the time for the annual deep clean has arrived.  Time to open the windows, let the fresh air in and gear up for the summer ahead!

As we begin the big winter thaw over the next few weeks, we'll be focusing on some tips to help keep your bedroom fresh, clean, tidy and neat.

Does your spring cleaning routine include flipping your mattress? Years ago it was necessary to flip your mattress in order to avoid body impressions. If your mattress is less than ten years old (and if it isn't, you've got bigger problems) more than likely that's no longer necessary.  Pillow-top mattresses, as well as new mattress technologies such as memory foam or gel foam do not require flipping at all.

While flipping is not needed, it is recommended that you rotate the mattress every 3 months.  If you start noticing impressions you may need to rotate more often. Don't forget the box springs! They should be rotated every 6 months as well, but never flipped.

If your mattress is more than 10 years old, it's time to replace.  Replacing your mattress doesn't have to break the bank. Our mattress prices start at $199 and no mattress--not even a fancy gel foam one--is more than $999.