Get back on track with these Back-to-School Sleep Tips!

Posted on Aug 06, 2013

With a new school year approaching, the lazy days of summer are slowly winding down and early mornings are approaching. Getting back on an early sleep schedule for a new school year can be an easy adjustment for you and your child with these simple tips from the National Sleep Foundation: 

  • Two weeks before classes start, set an appropriate sleep schedule.  Work to go to bed incrementally earlier each night, and wake up incrementally earlier each morning until you have reached your desired schedule.  
  • Once your sleep schedule is set, stick to it!  Enjoy your weekends; don't use them to catch up on sleep.  
  • Create a nightly bedtime routine to help your body relax and establish it is time for sleep. 
  • No televisions, smartphones, iPads or other technical gadgets before bed - they'll only delay getting to sleep. 
  • Avoid big meals and caffeine close to bedtime, they may prevent you from falling asleep.
  • Create a bedroom that is relaxing and peaceful.  A mattress from The Rest Stop is a must for a good night's sleep, but your sleep environment is equally important.  Make sure your bedroom is dark and a comfortable temperature for optimal sleep. 
  • Be a role model for the children in your home. Establish your own regular sleep cycle and maintain a home that promotes healthy sleep. 
The sooner you've readjusted to a school-time sleep-schedule, the easier those early mornings will be.  With plenty of sleep and a mattress you love, you'll be refreshed and excited to take on the new school year!

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