Spring Cleaning: No need to flip your mattress!

Posted on Mar 05, 2014

Clocks change this week marking the upcoming arrival of Spring! We'll be sharing some mattress cleaning tips here on the blog over the next several weeks. Starting with: Do you need to flip your mattress?
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Cohen's Retreat opens this weekend and you'll never guess where they got the mattresses! ;)

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

We love to see the creative minds of Savannah come together and are so excited about the Grand Opening of Cohen's Retreat! With art, food, and a coffee/juice bar mixed among commercial and residential cottages, it's the perfect spot to let creativity shine.

Four of the cottages on the property are styled by none other than the talented Lynn Rahn from Clutter Furnishings and Interiors. We can assure you those studios don't just look good, they're comfortable too! The mattresses are from your favorite mattress store in Savannah, The Rest Stop!

Be sure to stop by Friday, Feb. 28th from 7-10pm to celebrate community, food, and art! See you there!

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Watch our new commercial!

Posted on Nov 04, 2013

Click to Watch on YouTube!

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Not sure what to do with your old mattress??

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

So you couldn’t be happier with your new mattress from The Rest Stop.  You’ve left a raving review about the awesome sleep you’re getting and how much you saved over on Yelp.  But what are you supposed to do with your old mattress? It’s not exactly an item you can leave on the curb for the garbage man.


Donation centers are out of the question as local charities are unable to take mattresses due to health concerns.  But you’re not completely out of luck.  This article from Savannah 3 explains that your best bet may to be to reach out online through websites such as or through this local group on 
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Sleeping in a dark room can improve Depression and Sleep Apnea symptoms

Posted on Oct 01, 2013

Do you or someone you know suffer from Sleep Apnea? What about depression? This article from Bed Times suggests that there may be a correlation between the two and that the lighting while you sleep may be to blame.  It seems the solution may be as simple as sleeping in a very dark room.

The article explains: “Scientists at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have found exposure to dim light at night can interact with sleep apnea and lead to increased levels of depression and anxiety in mice.”

Luckily, sleep lighting is an easy fix.  Updating your drapes, turning off the television at bedtime and avoiding brightly-lit alarm clocks will reduce exposure to light and improve depression and sleep apnea symptoms.


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Is Gel the new Memory Foam?

Posted on Aug 21, 2013

Mattress technology grows by leaps and bounds every year.  You've heard of Memory Foam mattresses, but have your heard of Gel Foam mattresses?  With minimal motion disturbance and enhanced pressure point relief, Gel Foam mattresses are the next level of foam technology.

Like Memory Foam, Gel Foam responds to heat and weight, conforming to the body and relieving pressure on sensitive joints like the shoulders and hips.  When heat and weight are removed, the mattress instantly returns to its original shape. 

The biggest difference between Gel and Memory Foam is how they handle body heat.  Some Memory Foam mattresses have a reputation of "sleeping hot", Gel Foam mattresses dissipate body heat allowing for a cooler night's sleep. 

Visit our Savannah showroom to feel the difference of a Gel Foam mattress first-hand.  Gel Foam mattresses are included in our Luxury tier level and are up to 75% off retail prices every day. 

Tier 5: Luxury
Twin - $499 | Full - $699 | Queen - $799 | King - $899

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