Mattress Types

Pocketed Coil

Also known as Marshall Coils, Pocketed Coil mattresses use individually encased coils so that each spring moves independently to reduce motion disturbance.  Traditional innerspring mattresses were wired together meaning your sleep partner felt each and every sleep movement.  With Pocketed Coil mattresses, each spring works individually without disturbing surrounding springs allowing for restful, undisturbed sleep throughout the night. 

Memory Foam

Created by NASA in the 60's, Memory Foam mattresses have increased in popularity drastically in recent years.  With a reputation of being the most comfortable mattress available, these pressure-sensitive mattresses mold to the body and return to their original shape when pressure is removed.  Known for durability and lacking motion disturbance, Memory Foam mattresses also help relieve pressure point pain by allowing the spine to relax naturally.  

Hybrid - Pocketed Coil / Memory Foam

Hybrid Mattresses are the newest in mattress technology and offer the best in comfort and support. These mattresses feature a full 8 inch coil system topped with multiple, thick layers of Memory Foam.  Hybrids offer all of the benefits of a Memory Foam, while the coil system provides more ‘bounciness’ and more contouring support than an all-foam option.  

These mattresses also have a more traditional looking profile than an all-foam option.  Hybrids are generally thicker mattresses, and might not accommodate regular sheets. Be sure to look for ‘deep pocketed’ sheets that will fit a mattress of at least 15″.

Latex Foam

Latex Foam is a type of foam made from the sap of rubber trees.  Similar to Memory Foam mattresses, Latex Foam mattresses mold to your body and provide buoyant, feather-like, pressure relief.  These mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and antifungal; making them a wise choice for allergy sufferers and giving them the reputation as the healthier alternative to Memory Foam.




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